You put your DNA in the remote with some Vit C and used Freq 7.83 who it send the vit c freq to your body along with 7.83? Or what if you wanted to go on a beach vacation and put a picture of your ideal beach vacation in the remote with your DNA?

1. If you believe also in Radionics then is should work the same way as Radionics do.

(I have had this thought as you before. That it could/should/may work.)

Try it. It do cost nothing.

2. Some Canada institutions are transferring medication for mental problems by a headset with transducers. very successful. no side effects.

Very successful, and same principle as spooky, cant remember where I read it, and only a month ago, very detailed article.

3. Say, you are ill, you go to the Doctor and he/she give you some medication.

You go home and read the notes that comes with the package, called side-effects.

You think: No, thanks, without me. I do Spooky Remote.

First you have to crush the pills because mostly they don't fit between the Remote.

Put the powder between some paper as you do it with your DNA sample.

Put the paper over or under to top of the DNA sample between the Remote opening.

Then start Spooky2 and search for the Preset for the Remote Hardware, ANY frequency will do.

But if you would also hit the correct frequency for (or better against) your illness then you would have a synergic effect.

So say your doctor think that you have some sort of bacterial infection. Search within the database for "bacteria". Maybe you can get some more information from your doctor what kind of bacteria it may be etc.

The best way to find the right frequency is to use the PULSE hardware. But at this time you don't have the patience to do it. So select any frequency that you think that may be the correct one, because there is no wrong frequency.

Or use the 7.83 Hz if you don't have the patience to fiddle around with the software because you are ill.

Start the treatment over Spooky, the LEDs on the Remote hardware should light up and that's it.

Don't think too much about the "right waveform" or something else. First get the "lights on the Remote" to work, improvements can be done later.

This is information medicine.

(And try to find the cause of your problems, don't try to suppress symptoms. The body want to heal himself with the symptoms that shows up.)

4. Well this is all very strange, however I will simply tell you what happened.

Over a year ago someone in the forum asked if anyone had run the MIRACULOUS WINDFALL OF MONEY 520 program.

I looked at it in the database and after a few months tried it to see what would happen. My business picked up pretty quickly. Really quick.

A few months later I ran it again. Then my Futon broke. I called the store and they contacted the manufacturer. The store provided a BETTER replacement futon. Then they sent me a $200.00 debit card. A week later the manufacturer ALSO sent me a $200.00 Debit card! Two weeks later I received ANOTHER $200.00 debit card! It was from either the store or mfg. I am not certain.

So I kept running 520 about maybe once a week. Then I received scholarship to attend school. During this time frame I also got a motorcycle for $500.00 off the asking price with free helmet, free alarm, free storage. I received thousands of dollars of free software for making movies. I received four free computers including a tablet!

I really was reluctant to speak of this because it sounds strange. After reading YOUR post I wonder if perhaps we are re-learning some ancient techniques or something. Though it seems strange, little is known of the principles of Quantum Entanglement. The whole principle could be very logical and scientific.

Anyway I am fired up now and have more than one generator, so I can run this 520 more often.

By the way, I ran it in REMOTE mode. Now I am thinking to run it in DIRECT CONTACT and PLASMA modes. Both are more powerful. I will also entrain the frequencies in water and drink it. I do this with other sets I run. I learned this from using Spectro-Chrome light therapy, which I LEARNED ABOUT ON SPOOKY FORUM!

Are you aware that there are VITAMIN frequencies already in the database? You just put your DNA in remote and run the frequency!

However PLEASE continue with your experiments as you said. Adding photos and such to the process would likely help I think. I kept a photo of a beautiful place I wanted to live on my wall and desktop. Looking at it daily. Eventually someone else PAID for my airfare and initial lodging so I could relocate!

I am a Believer and practice FAITH and PRAYER then work as directed towards the goal. Perhaps this Quantum Entanglement stuff is a toll for us to use in conjunction to het things done. I am movie forward with this in mind, and full expectancy of overwhelming success!

So go ahead and get started. Let us know what the details are and I will share likewise. How about a $100.00 Bill in a remote with your DNA? Or even a note with $15,000,000.00 written on it, wrapped around your DNA and placed into the remote! Yeah! I'g going to get busy with this!

I also use SINE WAVE as THIS IS the 7.83 Schumann Earth Frequency Wave. Since Earth uses a sine wave I think it best to use the same when working to harmonize and resonate!

This frequency, Earth always broadcasts 24/7! Every planet has their own frequency!

For more details, please check the link:

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