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Does anyone have any experience using Molecular Weight Disintegrative Factor? My niece has asked me if we can use this on her to try to rid her of years of various pharmaceutical drugs (that she no longer takes) and I've no idea how long to run it for.

1. I can recommend using Sauna therapy and ozone to get the toxins from storage in fatty tissue. Whatever is in circulation in the body is not the problem, it is what is stored by the body after long term use. Exercise for a good half hour to break a good sweat, then sauna to sweat it out and then drink ozonated water (or insufflation, vaginal for example) to assist the liver in breaking down what is released. Massage can also be a big help to get the lymph fluids going.

The body stores a lot of toxins in fatty tissue, and it stays there until the weight is lost or by triggering release as mentioned above. This is a problem for addicts as there is always a little amount of drugs leaking into the system from fatty tissue, constant triggering the crave. (I am not comparing your niece to an addict, this is an example only).

2. Re Disintegrative Factor - read this post

The 8D-LRIS Bioresonance Health analyzer is very good at identifying what toxins like chemicals and metals are in the body. As an example here is a link to an Excel spreadsheet containing scan results I did on someone recently.

For more details, please check the link:

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