How I need to configure Spooky2 for a tactile transducer? These devices are wonderful but I don't want to create problems with my equipment so I thought I would ask. Do I need Spooky Central or can I run it through Spooky2 and an XM generator?

1. Tactile transducers are usually operating in the range of 20-50W and need and amplifier to power their coils. Neither XM generator or SC alone can deliver enough power to get the effect you're looking for. TT's are normally connected to the stereo systems or as a replacement for a subwoofer.

2. "A tactile transducer or "bass shaker" is a device which is made on the principle that low bass frequencies can be felt as well as heard. A shaker transmits low-frequency vibrations into various surfaces so that they can be felt by people. This is called tactile sound. Tactile transducers may augment or in some cases substitute for a subwoofer."

You can power it over the XM generator but you get only a low powered output.

The same with PEMF over the XM generator: Yes you can do it, but also with a low powered output.

How much power do you need (Measured in Watt, maybe you can get the technical specification for this device.)

As it is like a subwoofer in the technical sense you need a low frequency but normally a high current ... so use an Hi-Fi amplifier. Connect the generator output to the Input of the Hi_Fi amplifier. Use a Amplitude of 1V, no offset.

This could be one solution.

For more details, please check the link:

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