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Spooky2 software can’t be downloaded. I bought a new PC just for Spooky, well it has windows 10, and does not use internet explorer and is causing problems. Can’t download, keeps sending me back to download page.

Unfortunately, we've had too many reports to ignore of Windows 10 updates and latest installations doing this with our website - but not any other hosting freely downloadable files. There are reports also of Spooky2 becoming unstable. We find this so remarkable that we now strongly recommend that all Spooky2 users currently using a Windows 10 PC that's being updated to take your PC to a small "mom-and-pop" computer repair shop, ask them to wipe your drive, and install Windows 7 on it for you. It will be a small price to pay for having your lifeline to health restored. Don't forget to save your important files to a thumb drive before you have the hard drive wiped.\

I am about to change the text on our Downloads page now.

For more details, please check the link:

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