A heads-up about Windows 10.

We're receiving increasing numbers of emails from people running Windows 10 who keep their PCs connected to the internet. These folk are reporting serious problems with Spooky2 after the system has installed updates.

They also report problems downloading files from our website. This doesn't surprise us since Hotmail (a Microsoft outfit) have blacklisted our domains (and my own personal domain), so that emails from us to their customers are being deleted. AOL do exactly the same.

Microsoft and Time Warner are both giant corporations. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are heavily invested in vaccinating the world, so they will have major partnerships with Big Pharma. And guess who's Enemy No. 1 on THEIR hit-list?

As a result, our recommendation now is to avoid Windows 10 altogether. You can find second-hand or refurbished PCs with earlier Windows systems for $50-$200 on craigslist or Amazon.

Or any good "mom-and-pop" computer repair shop can wipe your Windows 10 installation and replace it with an earlier version of your choice (avoid W8.1).
If you have no other choice, keep it disconnected from the net. Use another non-W10 PC to download Spooky2 updates, and transfer them to your Spooky2 PC via a USB memory stick.

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