Has anyone used Spooky2 for Mesothelioma, i.e. Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer/Disease? I have a friend who has been diagnosed, and given only several months to live.

1. My partner Paula's Treatment History:
This is rather long - if you don't want to struggle through to find out the Spooky treatment part, then skip to the end, but you could be missing a big chunk of this treatment's success, because a 30% drop of the cancer was achieved by alternative therapies before we got our first Spooky generator and remote units. We believe that the arrival of Spooky Central took this 30% decrease even further.

At the Hospital :

19/12/14 Cat Scan, Xray, & Pleural Tap taken for lab checking.
At Queens Medical Nottingham. Symptoms of a gushing noise in the left hand lung.

20/01/15 Thoracoscopy, 3 Litres of fluid was drained off & multiple biopsies taken, + Talc treatment.
At City Hospital Nottingham. Consultant W. Chang

30/01/15 Clinic Appt. Surgery option discussed & possibility of going on a trial with Prof. Fennell .
At City Hospital Nottingham. Consultant Dr. Anwar.

31/01/15 Couldn’t hear gushing noise in lung anymore.

25/02/15 Clinic Appt. Epitheliomal Pleural Mesothelioma (Asbestosis) confirmed. Offered Surgery.
At Leicester University Hospital Surgeon Mr. A. Nakas

24/03/15 Clinic Appt. Discussed treatment options. Decided to wait until after a CT
scan to see the progress of the cancer before making a decision.
At Leicester Glenfield Hospital Professor Fennell

07/04/15 Cat Scan
At Leicester Glenfield Hospital.

14/04/15 Clinic Appt. At Leicester Glenfield Hospital with Professor Fennell
Discussed treatment options. Cancer has shrunk by 30% so decided on no hospital treatment. Currently self treating at home with a number of promising anti-cancer treatments.

Home Treatments:
Atos since 18/02/15
1.34g (1/2 Tsp) dissolved in a minimal amount of warm coconut oil ( < 8g). Rubbed over the chest, stomach, and back. Then a derma-roller is used, followed by an ultra-sonic massager. Applied on average every 2 days, (sometimes left for 3 days) Although putting it on doesn’t take too much time, it takes a fair slice out of the day because it has to be left on a few hours to soak in, and you can’t go out during that time. So I stopped doing this after about 6 months. My partner David liked it though because I was skimpily clad & covered in oil a lot.

Ashwaghanda powdered plant since 15/02/15
4.8g (1 Tbsp) taken once daily. Still ongoing, but because of uncertainty of the amount in the root, I now take tablets of 450mg standardized extract, three times a day.

Andrographis 400mg taken one thrice daily since 01/02/15 onwards

From Turmeric powder
1 Tsp 3 times a day 01/02/15 to 12/03/15
Standardized Turmeric 400mg taken once daily
(equivalent to 10g of turmeric powder) 12/03/15 – 22/03/15
Curcumin x4000 1 capsule twice daily 23/03/15 to date.
(equivalent to between 1000 and 4000mg of standardized turmeric –
the amount depends on whose results you believe)

Egcg from green tea 01/02/15 – 05/04/15
1 Cup three times a day
200 mg Egcg capsules three times daily ongoing since 06/04/15

Quercetin 500mg (+ 150 mg Bromelain)
2 capsules taken 3 times daily. Ongoing since 03/03/15

2 tsp 3 times a day. Ongoing since 02/01/15

Dandelion Root
Made into tea with 2tsp per cup, 6 cups a day Ongoing since 24/09/16

Vitamin C 4000mg in Liposomal form. 14/10/16 onwards
Once a day

CBD Oil 8% 14/10/16 onwards
7 drops at night.

Multivitamin 500mg
1 Tablet three times a day.
Spasmodic Use of the following (All are beneficial for cancer patients)
Milk Thistle
TinoSpora Crispa Tincture

Phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin) improves bio-availability of supplements by at least 30%, and for water insoluble supplements from 2 to 10 times depending on the exact supplement.
Maximum daily dosage for Lecigran Lecithin is 3 teaspoons a day
Liposomal vitamin C is made by mixing lecithin with Vitamin C together in water

Reasons for taking Supplements:

Atos (Vitamin E succinate)
Atos suppresses mesothelioma tumors in mice, trials show greatly extended life expectancies. Human trials have not yet been carried out. Doses used by mice trials were by peritoneal injection and converting to a human equivalent dose gives a daily dose of 800mg for a 60Kg person. Atos cannot be taken orally since its properties are destroyed by the stomach, fortunately though peritoneal injections can be substituted by skin absorption. Skin absorption reduces the amount entering the body so to get 800mg in 1340mg needs to be applied. (Some research recommends 320 mg as a maximum long term oral dose, though others recommend a lot more for some ailments – up to 1600 mg daily for alzheimers.) Using micro needles (Derma rollers), and ultrasonics increases the skin uptake by many orders of magnitude. Atos is virtually water insoluble.

Ashwaghanda powder (Active ingredient Withaferin A (WFA))
A promising anticancer agent for pleural mesothelioma, it has been studied in vitro and in vivo, and works well when combined with conventional chemotherapy drugs. Ashwaghanda is water soluble. Using the human equivalent dose of a mouse trial (Injected) gives 24mg daily of WFA for a 60Kg person. Ashwaghanda powder typically has greater than 0.5% WFA – so taking 4.8g of powder insures getting at least this dose.

As well as being an excellent food it also boosts the immune system.
Curcumin acts as an antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory agent and targeted inducer of mesothelioma cell death. With a mouse study mesothelioma tumor growth was inhibited. The dose needed is 2.4g daily. Turmeric is often marketed as curcumin – but turmeric contains only around 5% curcuminoids, resulting in an impossible 48g dose. Standardised turmeric extract 95% concentrates this 48g to a tolerable 2.4g. Neither curcumin nor turmeric taken orally are well absorbed because they are water insoluble, and this decreases their bioavailability.

Curcumin with EGCG
. Curcumin has also been shown to work in a additive way when administered in combination with EGCG and Cisplatin (a chemo drug) in vivo.
Dandelion Root
Trials are ongoing with this potentially cancer killing treatment

Quercetin increases bio-availability by inhibiting the sulfotransferase enzymes which would otherwise render curcumin relatively inactive. Take the Quercetin 10-15 minutes before taking the curcumin. The Curcumin reaches a peak concentration in the first hour and then decreases rapidly, so to keep Curcumin in the system take it in several doses a day. Quercetin has very slight water solublility.

EGCG has been shown to inhibit tumor growth and the expression of HSP70 & HSP90 (heat shock proteins) in vivo. (the inhibition of HSP90 is known to cause cell death in mesothelioma cells) HSP90 was targeted in the Galaxy–1 human clinical trial using the drug Ganetespib that showed encouraging improvements in overall survival in Nsclc patients and is now currently under a new clinical trial (Meso2) by Professor Fennel.

However they are synergestic when taken sequentially, and exposure to EGCG followed by Curcumin induced more cell death than the reverse sequence.
Trade name is Curcumin X4000 - each capsule of contains 0.20g of Curcumin, making it equivalent in bio-availability terms too 4g of turmeric extract.
The non hallucogenic component of Cannabis that has shown efficacy at fighting cancer
Vitamin C
Combined with other treatments for cancer treatments, and can be administered intravenously. Favourable evidence is mostly for intravenous use, oral dosing while not as effective can only help.
May reduce risk of developing cancers
Other very important treatments
Cancer loves carbs. Normal diet is ketogenic, veggie, no carbs. Calories come from olive oil, fish, cruciferous vegetables, flaxseed, tahini, avocados, and herbs. In the house that is my normal diet. If I do eat fast carbs, as I sometimes get tempted to do, I can feel tingling in my back where I know the cancer is. This keeps me on the straight and narrow.
Fasting 2 day fast at end of January 2016
3 day fast in mid April 2016
A 3 day fast regenerates the immune system with a fresh batch of white blood cells.

Trampoline – I have had a few days on this, because vigorous exercise is good as part of cancer treatment, but have not used it for ages. Instead I do a power walk for at least a mile most days.

Coffee Enemas
From January 2015 to June 2015 about once a week
June 2015 on nearly every day.
Studies have shown that green coffee beans boost glutathione production by up to 600% in the liver and up to 700% in the small intestine. The coffee enema is the most potent way to gain these powerful effects. Individuals with cancer, gallstones, digestive complications, low energy, autoimmune disorders, and liver conditions can benefit from coffee enemas. The Gerson treatment for cancer (Which is said to achieve a 50% cancer cure rate, and one of the best alternative therapies today). involves a strict protocol of diet, dietary supplements, and coffee enemas.

Frequency Treatment
Done most days for about 1.5 hours.
From April 2015
Using a Spooky2 frequency generator with Tens pads only
From 20/01/16
Using a Spooky2 Central unit with Tens pads, PEMF coils, Plasma tube, and an ultrasonic transmitter.
Targets the affected area with electrical, magnetic, radio, and ultrasonic frequency fields. The frequencies used are arrived at by reference to frequency tables, and by bio-feedback results averaged out and bespoke selected using 15 separate bio-feedback scans using Spooky2.

Since October 2016 while doing this treatment I use a far infra- red pad under the affected areas. I also often use oxygen therapy with a 98% oxygen generator for 30 minutes while doing the frequency treatment.

Progress of my condition
Treatment with herbal supplements and other therapies worked well, reducing symptoms and reducing the cancer as evidenced by the 30% decrease in the cancer after 4 months recorded by the Cat scan of April 2015. After April 2015 the symptoms remained stable for about 6 months, with regular shimmering sensations from left to right in the back and at the front mid chest area. Then from November 2015 to January 2016 these symptoms escalated to pain – though not incapacitating. In January 2016 we started using the Spooky2 Central unit and this has knocked the symptoms right back.
At worst now the symptoms are best described as pain but not painful. These symptoms immediately disappear after a Spooky2 session.
I have been turning down Cat scans because of a fear that they may aggravate my condition. Since May 2016 I have thermographic images taken though, with an infra-red camera that has a resolution of 0.1 degrees centigrade, and these are showing a marked reduction of the cancer.

2. With regard to Spooky2, I strongly suggest adding Simian Virus 40 XTRA, Asbestosis KHZ, Asbestos in Lungs PROV, and Fibrosis of Lung PROV.

For more details, please check the link:http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=6498

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  • Hi there,
    Thankyou so much for posting this valuable information. My father has Mesothelioma in the right lung. He too had surgery with Dr Nakas in Leicester.
    Although the cancer has returned.
    It would be lovely to speak with you if possible?
    please contact me on
    01507 622789

    Much appreciated
    Kindest Regards
    Oliver Wright


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