I've started running frequencies on Remote. I'm hearing the whistling in both ear. I'm hearing it also when I'm out of home. When I paused remotely generators, the whistling in ears gone and starts in one minute after I run program again.

1. Depending on what programs are running, it can be resonating with something within the hearing process that is causing the ringing. I have had this happen.

2. I'm running the first step of the terrain metal detox and I noticed whistling in my ears briefly today. Miles from home and the working generator and thought it was odd.

3. This whistling happens to me all the time, just happened to me yesterday. For me if I am not paying attention, gets louder and louder like a foghorn in my head. I am like what is that? Then takes me like an hour figure it out to turn off the Spooky2's until it goes away. Takes like a day for me. The Spooky2's are resonators, and sometimes they can either resonate foghorn sounds in my head/ears or make me feel like I am shaking. This happens when I rife for to long and I am not allowing my body to rest and recover. I turn the spooky2's off and drink lots of distilled water, sometimes leave the spooky2s off for a day or two or more. I have so many spooky2 projects want to work on very challenging to want to keep them off.

4. I have had this ringing too. And started running every tinnitus program. Never thought that a break was needed.

5. I had this for the first 4 days, than it passed....probably is your Pineal "antemns" receiving the frequencies.

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