I'm confused as to the original purpose of these biofeedback scans, and also confused why you have to do them 2x per week.

So from this perspective, when you run a scan, it will return the top hits. Usually this is an hour's worth of treatment from the perspective of contact or plasma. Each frequency defaults to 3 minutes each, so:

From the Morgellon/Lyme protocol, it returns 10 frequencies, as it is ran twice a day taking one hour.

From a standard scan, it returns 20 frequencies, which in itself will take 1 hour when ran once per day.

You don't really interpret the data. At the end of the scan it will ask you to save the results into a custom frequency program.

Based on the name you give this, this is how you will find and retrieve it from the system to run in a program.

You would re-scan 2 times a week as the body is constantly changing and if you are treating as recommended, it will allow you to address and find the next set of priorities to deal with.

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