I'm doing a biofeedback scan: delays during the countdown, delays during the time count, and the graph stops, when the clock stops and after a second or two delay starts again, this happens several times during a 10 minute scan. I’ve tried restarting.

This is indicative of bad sensor placement. The delays are from data read errors.

Every time Spooky2 gets bad data from the pulse, it will stop the process until it gets 4 consecutive good reads before it will resume.

If the sensor placement is not getting a good reading of your blood flow, this will happen often.

Suggest adjusting the location of your sensor until you get better more consistent results.

The sensor is an infrared sensor, meaning it is sending a beam of light through your body and looking at this light, to look at the flow of your blood flow by watching for the shadows they cast.

If you have the emitter sitting on your nail (finger sensor), or over the hole of a piercing (ear sensor), etc... this process is disrupted.

If the sensor is worn too tightly, this will constrict blood flow. Too loose, and it won't get a good reading.

For more details, please check the link:

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