Does this mean that when I do a remote program, it should last up to 4 hours? "For a non-stop Remote Mode treatment, always aim to keep your run time as close to four hours as possible."

So what this means is as you add frequency programs to run, you will note that the Estimated Total Run Time will climb depending on the number of frequencies in each program.

You will want to try and keep this to 4 hours or less.

The reason for the 4 hour loop limit is that remotes work by repeats. To gain efficacy, you will want the frequencies to repeat at least once every 4 hours.

If you stack too many programs, then the repeats do not happen often enough and efficacy is lost.

For remote programs, you will want to aim to let a program run for 120 loops at a minimum.

This generally puts a remote program out to 3 days. Many will run it for a week before re-evaluating changes.

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