My wife suffers from fibromyalgia symptoms. Are the fibromyalgia presets considered healing or killing frequencies? Would you recommend a detox after running any of the Fibromyalgia presets?

1. I suggest doing the Terrain protocol in Appendix A of the user manual first, then followup with the Fibromyalgia presets using healing mode - White Remotes.

Something you might want to try is making a drink from ginger root, tumeric root and lemon juice from a real lemon. Peel the ginger root and tumeric root, slice it into pieces and then cut it into smaller pieces and place it into a cooking pot with about 1 litre of boiling hot filtered water and then add the lemon juice. Place a lid on pot and leave overnight to cool. Drink about a cup of the brew at room temperature every day and add some of the chopped up ginger root and tumeric root as well. It will take a week or two before it starts to kick in and help reduce the pain. Make a fresh brew about every 3 days. Don't throw out the remaining ginger root and tumeric root, eat it.

I have had really good pain reduction in the joints from drinking this brew.

If you run the full Terrain protocol say once every 3 months and run say the detox sets once a month and see how that works for you. You could run the detox sets more often if you're not getting some improvement in your condition. Also run the immune system stimulation sets on a regular basis as well.

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2. I once thought I had this disease. There was pain around my upper back, shoulder, nape, etc. persisted for a long time. I tried the fibro frequencies but the pain persisted. To my surprise, it went away when i used the cytomegolavirus frequencies (CMV).

Now, there are some who claim Fibromialagia might be from Lyme. You might want to consider doing the Terrain followed by the Morgellons & Lyme Presets. There is no guessing game here. The Presets, frequencies and settings have been carefully prepared which deals with killing, detox, and healing.

3. I concur with the others. Run the Terrain and Detox protocols first.

DRINK A LOT OF WATER. Bentonite will help absorb toxins for elimination. Run Lyme Herxheimer program as well to minimize discomfort. It works for me!

THIS MAY make the problem go away!

4. Unfortunately Fibro is yet another so called diagnosis, that fails to discern the CAUSE.
Fibro symptoms can be from a myriad of pathogens, toxins or allergies.
IMHO Fibro is not a diagnosis, just an expression of symptom groups which helps the Machine dispense symptom supression Rx for $$$
Pain Management is more profitable than a cure.
Consider a Naturopathic or Homeopathic doctor to help find the REASON for the symptoms.

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