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The smart meter to my home is on the outside wall of the room I have my set-up in. Could this effect the effectiveness of the remotes or plasma?

1. If anything, your smart meter gets confused by your SC. I've had amongst other things my paper shredder go wild all by itself (quite spooky) and my wireless mouse always gets messed up by the plasma tube. If it's not shielded with ferritin it might get confused. Not necessarily in a good way, since it's a meter.

2. I think the smart thing to do with smart meter...is to call electric company and switch it back to analogue asap. They have been known to cause cancer, by sending toxic radiation into homes. Many think this is part of Agenda 21 depopulation program. Google smart meters, cancer. Many posts about smart meters in this group, go to search engine and enter smart meters. I would say to question, yes smart meters may affect effectiveness of spooky2 success outcome; it is tough for spooky2 to help body recover, when the body is being dosed with high levels of radiation. More info on Youtube: smart meter - YouTube http://bit.ly/2eq2Soi.

3. My opinion is smart meters = bad news. I don't know how it will affect the Spooky equipment, but these meters pulse high frequencies through your wiring like every 20 seconds or so. We are fighting it down here in Austin, TX...this seems to be a ubiquitous issue. Here is some info and a link to a podcast just FYI:
4. I'm in UK, but know that many people in US are suggesting smart meters are causing serious health issues. There are a few youtube videos on this topic. As a dowser, I can usually neutralize harmful EMFs from wifi etc energetically, but not smart meters. There is a device you can buy, which apparently helps neutralize smart-meters.

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