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Any advice on EMF reduction for people with EMF sensitivity. I got horrible head aches/pain from the EMF of the laptop. I think Spooky can help me. I feel the emf from the laptop is just as damaging if not more so than the benefits spooky will provide.

1. Have you tried using the EMF reduce frequency? That immediately helped me. There's also "detox EMF." I reduce the volts. Also I plan to do NAET for EMF's. EFT (emotional freedom technique) is also helpful. You could try an earthing mat if it doesn't interact with Spooky.

EFT is an acupressure technique. It's easy and free and it works on all kinds of things...it's freaky good. Here's a website to learn about it. There's tons of info online about it.
Brad Yates has a bunch of YouTube videos that you can tap along with. I love it!

2. I have Lyme, but am managing quite well. But there was a time when I had extreme EMF sensitivity. I ended up buying a USB keyboard and plugging it into my laptop, and moving the laptop a few feet away from me. This helped a lot. I wasn’t able to be around people with cell phones or wireless devices, especially in a car. I installed a powerline internet system in my house that uses the home's wiring as a hub for connecting to the internet through special plug in ports. Not as fast as wireless, but it helped. I also bought Graham Stetzer filters for our home, and this cleaned up our dirty electricity problem, and I felt some relief as well. I borrowed a friend's EMF detector to find out where the hotspots were in the house, and stayed away from these.

I also did hair tissue mineral analysis and discovered I was full of heavy metals, especially lead and aluminum (as well as arsenic, cadmium). Once I got my heavy metal levels down, I became less reactive to EMFs. I realized that with the heavy metals, I was a walking antenna for this stuff. In addition, my wife and I got rid of our metal frame bed and bought a wooden framed one - this helped as well. The metal frame is a big EMF antenna. Not a good idea to sleep on one if you're EMF sensitive.

There are two ways I have found to get heavy metal levels down in the body to reduce my own EMF sensitivity: getting rid of parasites and chelating out metals. I parasites tend to be full of heavy metals that enter the body. Getting rid of them, or at least lowering my load, helped.

Getting down to Spooky, the logic of Rifing as I understand it, is to kill the smallest pathogens, and progress to larger ones. The late naturopath Hulda Clark noted that parasites in our bodies have their own viruses and parasites. If you kill the big critters first, you're releasing all of what they carry (including the heavy metals they concentrate in their bodies) into your system, and this produces a huge load on the liver and lymph - nasty herx. So the best way that I know of for approaching this process is to follow the Lyme/Morgellons protocol, beginning with the Terrain Protocol.

The best chelating recipe that I know of is a green smoothie that my wife developed to deal with her Lyme (which was very advanced). Here's a link to it
http://realfoodrebel.com/super-healthy-green-smoothie/. She's not selling anything, just sharing info. I believe that in my case, the chlorophyll was binding to the heavy metals so that they could be eliminated.

Anyway, I've said a lot. Doing these things has helped me, and I think the green smoothies and Spooky Terrain protocol are the place to start. There are probably other heavy metal detoxes in the Spooky system as well. One thing I should mention is that the body tends to grab onto heavy metals like Aluminum and Lead because what the body needs in terms of good nutrition is not available. When the body gets the proper minerals, it begins to let go of the heavy metals. So good nutrition and even supplementing, in my experience, were a must. The Spooky2 system has been a great help, and I use it every day, often running detox programs (e.g., Detox 4 Toxins Throughout the Body or Detox Liver, Kidneys, Lymph...).

3. The best option would probably be to get a long Cat 5 cable and run it directly from your modem (cable or DSL) to your computer, without any wireless. It just means you may have a cable to watch for when you're walking around the house. The Powerline adaptor is not going to be nearly as fast (your direct cable option should be lightning fast, depending on your service speed). The powerline option, much slower. If you go this route, you need to get the highest possible megabods per second unit possible. It's been a few years since I've bought a set, but you can find some on Amazon here. Fair warning - it will be much slower than your wireless in all likelihood: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fs%2Fref%3Dnb_sb_ss_c_2_21%3Furl%3Dsearch-alias%253Dcomputers%26field-keywords%3Dpowerline%2520computer%2520network%2520adapters%26sprefix%3Dpowerline%2520computer%2520ne%252Caps%252C214%26crid%3D2RDXJD8R184CL&h=cAQEDXm1h  

If you can't part with your wireless, I'd recommend turning it off at night. Again, the Powerline option is a bottleneck, and slower. Direct from modem is going to be fastest.

One more thing - it's good to be aware of cell towers where you're living. If you're in an apartment and a dish on a tower within a kilometer/half mile is pointed right at your side of the building, you might want to find a place that's not facing the dish, or further away. This is more difficult in the city, and maybe not do-able.

4. The problem with EMFs is mainly Mercury toxicity which most people with Lyme have. They act like a magnet and result in Mercury floating around the system. The result is that if ends up in a large organ - brain giving you horrendous headaches and dizziness or heart giving you palpitations and pounding heart beat. Unfortunately we live in an EMF soup these days. The only thinks that have worked for me - apart from gentle ongoing Mercury detox - are a homeopathic EMF remedy (very cheap) and Memmon technology from Germany (very expensive). Memmon can be used on mobile phones, laptops and cars, all mobile sources of EMFs. It is most effective however when used in the home. A plug in device neutralizes the EMF on any device that is plugged in to a mains socket.
EMFs will be a major health issue in 20 years. Governments already know the dangers - you only have to look at the correlation in increased EMFs and increases in brain tumors in the under 30s over the last 25 yrs; it's the same upward graph line.

5. Well, first you need to figure the root cause. It's unbelievably aluminum. Run the detox aluminum frequency and this will help to eliminate the aluminum from your body and that action will result in a much more settled stomach. I use this myself and for other people. So I know it works.

6. Another great approach is to ground the computer, connecting a wire from a USB port to an outlet or the central heating system. I have a cheap EMF detector and the whole spooky set from computer to generator to remotes radiate the same as a power outlet. After grounding/earthing it, there was no more radiation! A metal bed frame, Tony wrote about, can also be grounded. And don't forget to ground yourself while sleeping, getting rid of electro-stress and bringing in needed electrons - for that I'd use a separate wire to the earth, otherwise i think there will be too much interference from the electrical house grid.

7. You could get something as simple as a metal dustbin and place the laptop in the bin, with the lid on, perhaps conductive copper tape sealing it in completely. You would need to get any power into the bin using a small hole, and the usb also through a small hole.. The power and USB cables should have as many ferrite clamps on them as possible to further reduce any radiation coming from the computer You will obviously struggle to use the laptop in this configuration, but perhaps start it running and then install in the container. It's unlikely you would do any better than this at reducing the rf from the laptop with a simple set up. Simply grounding the laptop is not sufficient because it is not a totally sealed unit ( e.g. Screen, Wifi Bluetooth antennas etc ).

8. I bought an EMF shielding sheet from Amazon (it's about the size of an airline blanket) and was sold to put over a baby's stroller. That will help to block the computer EMF's from reaching you.

9. Try Earthing for EMF exposure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E46Fm0dtE2c

10. I have not used spooky for that yet but I do have orgonite under the beds and where ever there is electrical out lets, wifi routers and computers, placed tower busters around the electric meter and usually wear a orgonite pendant, 2 of my dogs are chipped and they also wear a orgonite pendant.

11. Put a mason jar full of diatomaceous earth in the center of every room. This grounds your body like when you are at the beach and that grounding makes your body immune to EMF (wifi, cell, smart meter, Bluetooth)

12. Take the human or food grade version of DE .About a tsp mixed with water 8oz. It works as conductor for the body,mind, and attracts parasites when traveling through digestive system. Works well also for safe effective way for killing insects around the house.For EMF you need Orgone generator not just a balancers .The generator can stayed locked at around 7.83 or 15 hrtz locked and will naturally become the dominant frequency if left on all day .The Orgone disks are designed to take orgone and filter out the dor and van be useful as a pendant but do very little for EMF sources outside. Frequency, energy, vibration.

For more details, please check the link:

13. I have three EMF detectors and I am constantly testing my living space for EMF detection. Every electronic device gives off an electric EMF, though the Spooky2 barely gives any. Though to be safe, and make sure you’re in an EMF free zone, may want to get an EMF detector.
EMF detector:

I like the K2 because it’s very simple. Also this is just an awareness when I am Rifing with the Spooky2, I will sometimes get dizzy, feel strange, feel yucky, feel fluey, etc. This may be a sign of a Herx. When I feel strange, usually this is me Herxing, and I then either take food grade activated charcoal with lots of water and or turn off the Spooky2 until my body comes back to baseline center of feeling okay. When Rifing, make sure to drink lots of liquids, to flush out toxins.

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