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Using one of the killing presets, should feathering (0,2%) be enabled running such a result of the scan or not?

I personally like to apply the results from a Max BPM scan directly (no wobble) for the first half of the time I allocate to the application, and then add a +- .02% Feather at the end if I am going to use the feather.

Whether I use the feather or not depends largely on my intuition. I rarely apply the results with a feather from the start. This allows for more direct application time of the results which were already narrowed down by the scan, and I rather re-scan for new hits than chase the surrounding frequencies.

I tend to apply my results for at least a week before I perform a new scan.

As for Min BPM, since these are healing/entraining results, the use of a wobble is not recommended. You will wish to have a stable guide frequency when trying to apply an entraining frequency.

I treat HRV scans as a mixed model program. Meaning I use a waveform that is applicable to both modalities like the square H bomb, and allow for the use of killing specific settings like wobbles if intuition directs. I accept the fact that any entrainment frequencies in the set would become less effective in this case.

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