Use Spooky2 for stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. It has metastasized to liver and spleen. Recently I have abdominal bloating, it's not really painful however it's very uncomfortable! If the bloating is caused by Ascites, Inflammation or tumor enlargement?

1. Take a mebendozole tab each day for 8 days have 6 days off. do it again until fixed.

YES I know this a worm pill. If you feel sick and tired on about day 4 knock off and start again,
don’t over do it, can cause liver damage in some people

This is the only cancer killing medication tested and approved as effective by the FDA.
It was taken off the USA market and they stopped all manufacture of it in the US, immediately after the the test

It is avail otc in many other countries.

It works, I can personally attest to it, cancerous mole on leg halved in size and began to peel off in first 6 days, now all gone.

It stops the formation of Mast cells in tumors and so stops their growth as I recall.


As always listen to what your body tells you, proceed with caution, 8 days may be more than some can handle, you might even get a really bad herx, from dead parasites.

Found these old bookmarks they still work, the latest one has been removed, what would you expect from google?

2. Consider you may have Low stomach acid, which could allow growth of Unfriendly bacteria.
Many push Alkaline water, to the detriment of many peoples digestive ability.
Lyme can cause low acid. A bottle of HCL and pespin lists 1 capsule as normal dosage. I take 8 and probably could use more.

Dose until you have heartburn and then back off of the dose until comfort is reached.
We NEED HCL to kill bad bacteria in the gut. Alkaline is promoted too much, IMHO.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • Penny Yu, I went to local drugstore to get this & they said it's prescription only. Our doctors think this is "crazy" and won't write an Rx for Mebendazol for pancreatic cancer.
    How do we purchase this?

  • k stephens- i think you missed the clue on how to buy menbendazole. She said to purchase it in other countries- try Ebay/uk


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