I accidentally pressed a button on a new generator while setting it up. Now the Spooky software says it's not responding. I have unplugged it from electric and usb. But the error persists. The generator shows sine wave on the screen.

Couple of points:

The screen shot shows a generator that has been freshly turned on. It defaults to the sine wave.

A power cycle resets the generator back to factory.

The reset button on the generator control panel resets the factory reset parameters in case you overwrite it messing with the generator's built in buttons.

Once Spooky2 has started and made contact with the generator, the waveform on the display will change from Sine to Arbitrary.

If it does not change on startup, Spooky2 did not see the generator.

Ensure you check the # of generators to find in the Settings tab if you have ruled out cables.

For more details, please check the link:

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