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How can I keep my Spooky2 Remote running when I leave for one week?

1. If I were going on a cruise and it had wireless. I would probably leave on my spooky2's also especially knowing I could control them for seasickness with TeamViewer with either my laptop, smartphone and or apple gadget. The link for android TeamViewer apps: TeamViewer - Android Apps on Google Play http://bit.ly/googleplay-teamviewer and TeamViewer website link: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/ and apple TeamViewer link: TeamViewer: Remote Control on the App Store http://bit.ly/apple-teamviewer. Tutorial videos on Youtube.

2. Would say it depends what you're running and what you feel comfortable with. For me, I wouldn't be comfortable running something for that long without the option to pause or stop it. The app mentioned above sounds really cool.

3. If you have someone at home who could switch it off if needed then ok. Otherwise, get a TeamViewer or if not possible then better don’t leave it on. I went for a 4 day trip and left it on with something I thought could not hurt. I ended up with unexpected Herx, luckily my computer went to sleep after 2 days so the Herx diminished.

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