When I am doing the scans the top numbers on the hits are like 14 at the highest, this has been for the last 2 scans. Yet if I do a bartonella scan it's like 98 in the bracket. What is in the scan range for Morgellons protocol, why are my numbers so low?

Please look at the scan settings before you do the scan.

If it is using Max HRV, the range will be low. If it is using Max BPM, the range will be around your heart rate.

Of note, the two presets that do biofeedback scans that take 63 minutes (give or take) each use both scan types.

ALL Biofeedback Scan - DB uses Max HRV and returns 10 hits.

ALL Full System Scan - DB uses Max BPM and returns 20 hits.

Perhaps this will explain what you are seeing.

For more details, please check the link:

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