If Spooky2 can help with his Type 1.5 diabetes?

There are two Diabetes sets of particular interest. Diabetes 1 (CAFL) and Diabetes 2 (CAFL)

Each set targets Type 1 and Type 2 specifically. I'm not sure what type 1.5 is, but perhaps you can adapt.

In any event, when these sets are ran via contact mode, they produce a significant change in blood sugar levels.

Caution must be used to take measurements before and after a treatment to determine rate of change to avoid going too far the other way.

There are threads on the user forum discussing this topic and with other aspects to consider.

Also there is an advanced setup for the above two sets that makes it especially efficacious which I have witnessed first hand.

I do not have the link handy at this time, but a quick search on the user forum for Diabetes will eventually bring it up for review, and the custom waveform is already installed in Spooky2 now.

Of note, also add Minerals - Chromium (CUST) to the treatment as Chromium helps keep the blood levels normalized longer.

The above is for getting the blood to normalize without medication, there are of course other aspects that need to be identified and targeted to try and remove the source of the issue. This is far more complex and requires intimate knowledge and a holistic approach to address, but at least you have some good tools to get started with right from the start.

For more details, please check the link:

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