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If I run essential oil frequencies everyday, will there be any side effect from too much oil being taken? If so, what should I do then?

1. The longest period when I ran essential oils (approx. 10-12 in one set) was between 1 - 2 weeks. I didn't observe any unwanted effects from prolonged application. However, I would prefer running for 1 week with a break in between each session rather than continuously, for say 4-6 weeks.
This isn't based on any particular study, just my intuition. Also, each person may experience them in slightly different way as some of us can be more sensitive than others.

2. To add to the wonderful feedback, I have had all 68 Essential Oils (before consolidation) running 24/7 for perhaps 3 months at the longest stretch, with no observable side effects on 4 people -- my daughter included.

I have also ran all 68 of them via plasma with no observed side effects on more than one occasion, while the remote version was also going.

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