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I have a generator dedicated for 7.83 hz. I'm wanting some thoughts on using this for a 4.5 year old. Is this OK?

1. Are you only transmitting frequency 7.83 Hz on this generator?

Reason I ask is that continuous transmission of a single frequency tends to cause frequency poisoning, even if it's 7.83 Hz. This results in feelings of malaise and headaches, etc...

Suggest you try the Schumann Resonator which is in the Heal / Remote collection that takes this into account. It also incorporates aspects that we know are used in the best Schumann Resonators.

With that said, I have used this on many 24/7 for months with no issue. The youngest is now 10, but was 9 when I started her on this program.

Since you are talking about a 4.5 year old, suggest that you start out slowly. Run the set for only 1 hour and then observe. Then slowly increase the time, say by one hour a day, until you are comfortable that any and all reactions for your child are not of concern.

There is nothing to suggest that your 4.5 year old could not handle this 24/7, but caution is always a good policy when dealing with our children.

2. I have used it on my kids also ... I have a 5 yr that started kindergarten and I used the Schumann Frequency set .. I believe its like 4-5 different frequencies within the set .. had the amp to 6 ... used it when she woke up at 7 to get ready for school ... I kept it on till a half an hour after the bus picked her up .. figure I give her a boost for the day.

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