Can anyone tell me if rifing can affect a woman's menstrual cycle? Specifically when using the Phanotron plasma? My friend has cervical cancer so the plasma spends a lot of time down there.

1. One of the first questions is age? Age could be a significant factor if its anywhere near menopausal. Second question is if birth control pills or other menstruation controlling substance was used. Was menstruation 'abnormal' during teen years, then modified by birth control? What is being experienced *could* be a regression of symptoms.

There *might* be a need for some herbal intervention to create balance for this area of the body. I would suggest inquiring with a certified herbalist if this is possible.

Its really hard to tell if using frequencies has created a change in the body or if the dis-ease has created a change. If it were me, I would give it another month to see what happens. If I was still having 'Period Problems' after that, I would want to go to a health professional to check out my options just because having on and off bleeding would TOTALLY annoying. Just having hormones checked via blood work could provide some answers.

2. During menstruation, the cervix sheds the endometrium, or inner lining. This is composed of a thin layer of tissue with a very rich blood supply, and lots of mucus. Cervical cancer complicates things, to put it mildly. However, it's likely that treating the cancer prompted the cervix to initiate a major shedding, something I would take as a positive sign, despite its seemingly alarming nature.

She could add these programs:

Cancer Endometrium KHZ
Cancer Endometrium XTRA
Endometritis Tuberculosa CAFL
Endometritis Tuberculosa XTRA
Menstruation Disturbances KHZ

Echo Virus is usually the main cause of endometrial problems. So she could add this to the HPV treatment.

Chris Aguirre also has an excellent series of programs for hormone balancing - this is very important. I'm sorry but I can't recall what they are. But Chris is always helpful.

3. I have not seen changes in menstrual function related to frequency use.

There are two basic ways to use frequencies for cancer. The first way is to focus on killing the BX and BY. The original frequencies from Rife's lab notes were 11,780,000 for BX and 11,430,000 for BY. Since each one ends in 4 zeros, we suspect that Dr. Rife did not have a Fluke frequency counter! So for BX, it works well to sweep 300 Hz above and below the target frequency. For BY we usually use 200 Hz. These frequencies can be divided by 4 to get them into the Spooky2 range.

I have once had a client with prostate and bone cancer who got good results running just 727 by mistake. 727 works even better if multiplied by 2 over and over for a higher octave. Or just multiply by 128.

For tumor reduction, the main frequencies are 2007-2008 and 2127-2128. These can cause bleeding due to damage to tumors. These can be multiplied by 64.

The program
93046-93194=90,128438-128522=90,136118-136202=90,2857425-2857575=120,2944925-2945075=120 includes all of the above. We usually add the 11th harmonic along with each frequency. The BX and BY would need to run at even lower octaves for that. See for more on the 11th harmonic

At she could order the free mold test. I will provide current BX and BY levels and check to see if HPV is an issue if she would like. I would also check for some roadblocks to killing BX and BY.

4. If you want to hit 11,780,000 and 11,430,000 directly, you can with Spooky2. Let us not discount the fact that Spooky2 can hit 25 MHz.

Just set the wave cycle multiplier to 5 and target the frequencies directly.

Using a subharmonic of 2,945,000 and 2,857,500 (divided by 4) would lend itself ok to using the 11th harmonic without having to further reduce the frequency to a lower sub-harmonic.

5. Obviously, Dr. Loyd has a lot more hands-on experience with Rife than I do, and I'm very grateful that he shares it so generously. However, I'm personally aware of three women whose lives were severely impacted by distressing menstruation issues. In all three cases, these were completely resolved by Rife in the form of Spooky2. Two of these appeared to resolve almost immediately, because the problems did not repeat, and the third took three months.

6. Hope it helps in this case and never hurts to run these for anything.

Normalize Testosterone Levels Female - 1445
Endocrine System Balance - 1537
Hormonal Imbalances - 5.5
Estrogen Production Balance - 1351

For more details, please check the link:

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