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How can we set up the Spooky so it can produce Gama or Alpha Waves?

First of all: There is not enough technical information there to simulate the unit with spooky2 so I can only assume that:

Set channel 1 to 1.5 Hz and set channel 2 to 40 Hz and connect the TENS PADS to the coll.Silver output of the boost 2/3. This could be the same as these "Russian Sleep machine".

Spooky2 Setup to :

OUT1 = 1.5Hz
OUT2 = OUT1 * 1 + 38.5Hz

Waveform for OUT1 and OUT2 : Square wave

I would also do a 100% offset to get the benefit from the DC current. Amplitude 10V or lower if it seems to be uncomfortable.

The following setup use these setting. But I have to use 1 Hz instead of 1.5Hz because I can't find 1.5 Hz within the database of the frequency list.

Russian-sleep-machine-over-coll-silver output-Harmony.txt附件在链接里下载

Copy it to [Spooky2-folder] \ Preset Collections \ User \

The outputs looks like this:

Yellow : Output 1 (1 Hz)
Blue : Output 2 (39.5 Hz)
Red : Output at the "coll. silver" connection (added OUT1 with OUT2)

For more details, please check the link:

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