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Are there any programs/suggestions for assisting in flexibility? Flexibility such as muscle stretching/doing splits/back flexibility etc. I'm curious if there are any that can assist with getting more flexible when combined with flexibility exercises.

Lack of flexibility MIGHT be a minor inflammation issue.
Inflammation is some times an infection, and/or calcium/magnesium ratio imbalance.
OR too high a Omega 6 balance in your diet.
Omega 3 foods or supplements might be worth a test.
Mackerel fish is one of the highest sources of Omega 3 EFA.
Turmeric in warm milk with some Ghee, pepper,coconut oil, with some cinnamon for taste have been reported to help inflammation.
Certainly even more options are available.
Ask, "is there a reason."

When all else fails, see a practitioner, prefer a ND, DO, or DC instead of an MD, even a certified nutritionist.

Suspect Pathogens, Toxins or Heavy Metals also if stretching exercises are no use. I learne"d after doing Sonnon's "Tacfit" for weeks with excruciating pain only to learn of my lyme.

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