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Is the contact done once or twice in the morgellons/lyme protocol? Say a program is 6 hours is that it or is it 12 hours? The Day/night X2 that confused me.

With that clarification, I can state that the contact portions of the protocol loops twice by default (applies to version 3 of the M&L protocol).

From the notes section:

This Preset runs twice. 10sec pause with alert between sets, 30sec pause/alert at loop point/end.

Checking the Programs tab after loading one will reveal that the setting Repeat Sequence is set to 2.

From reading the protocol guide, you would apply this once (both loops) either in the day or the night, then switch to the remote component.

Taking Contact \ C01 Metals and Chemicals - DB, it shows the time to execute as 06:00:40. This is the time for both loops as the Repeat Sequence is set to 2. Therefore, it will take 3 hrs, 20 seconds to complete one pass.

The only time it shows the total loop time is when Repeat Sequence is set to 0.

You can leave the remote connected as DB has indicated that the remote programs only need 10v to work adequately. The contact presets use 20v. If the remote is connected, then of the 20v that is generated, 10v will go to the remote (matching the remote presets) and 10v will go to contact. Given that it is boosted, it will still render as 20v on contact, so we have enough voltage to still penetrate the skin.

However, realize that while the remote is connected, you are essentially cutting the contact voltage in half and effectively nullifying the effects of the boost.

When using a remote preset on the same generator, the contact leads will not be touching and so all of the voltage will apply to the remote.

The initial table is showing that you would run each row for two days or two nights as indicated by the X2 -- your choice of when. Note that the remote programs on Gens 2 - 4 are running for 48 hrs to match the two days.

DB recommends nights as the contact programs run from 6 to 8 hours on average which lends well to night applications.

When you get to Phase II, C05 Immunomodulators - DB would be ran for 3 days or nights as indicated by the X3. The preset itself repeats the loop twice on each day you execute like the Phase I contact presets. Consequently, you would program the remote presets on Gens 2 and 3 to run for 72 Hrs. Note that here Gen 4 has a special instruction to run until protocol is done, as this program is essentially your detox maintenance cycle, which will run 24/7 from here on out.

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