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Is it normal that I use the Phanotron Tube for cancer treatment and some programs the tube turns off the light?

If I understand your comments correctly, your phanotron tube is not always lighting when you are running programs?

For a second I thought maybe you meant the tube was turning off your house lighting.

In any event, the tube will only light when the frequency on Out 1 is above 100000 Hz and below 3500000 Hz.

If you are loading a preset that is not designed for the Spooky2 Central, it may light the tube if the frequency is within this range, but then when it dips below the light will not be lit.

Please ensure the following:

You are only using presets designed for plasma (P), or frequency programs build using the Shell (Empty) Presets \ Plasma \ Spooky Central - JW.

Additionally, you may wish to right click the generator button that is wired to the Spooky2 Central and when prompted:

Is Spooky2 Central always connected to GeneratorX?

Say Yes.

This will put enforcement settings into effect so that when you do load an incorrect preset to this generator, it will try its best to adapt it to make it run correctly on the Spooky2 Central / Plasma.

Of note, if you still have the old setup going and can see the LEDs on the front of the Spooky2 Central lit, but the tube is not lit, then look at your generator and see what frequency is on the top of the display.

It will be after the F= line

This will give you a better idea if the problem is frequency limits.

For more details, please check the link:

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