Does any one know of frequencies for Acrochordon/Skin tags?

1. I don't have frequencies but can suggest going through this. I usually use apple cider vinegar or bloodroot.

Lots of other ways people are using:

2. Had success removing a skin tag with Apple Cider Vinegar. Cleaned it once a day and applied fresh ACV to the skin tag, then covered it up with a bandaid. I went to cut it off after 4 days and it just fell off instead. I've heard Iodine works for some people.

3. The closest I find in the database are general skin issues, I assume running some of those with detox would help.

4. Skin tags are hormonal and fungal, so frequencies that deal with those two issues might help.

5. It also is my understanding that skin tags are often an indication of a pre-diabetes situation; ie (insulin resistance).

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