With the new Oct 16 update for the cancer protocol plasma plus - it is a 25 day cycle where you only do my scans on day 19 -24. This is very different to before when you did day 1-18 days as phase 1.

Day 1 - 15 is essentially a terrain detox preparation cycle.

Day 16-18 is the immunomodulators.

Day 19 - 25 is the cancer specific cycle.

Once you have completed one cycle, you would only repeat days 16 - 25.

This gives you a 3 day break from the cancer cycle when targeting the immunomodulators prior to hitting the cancer cycle again.

The My Scan could be the 9 minute cancer range scan if you wish, or the full default biofeedback scan of 20 frequencies from the 76kHz to 152kHz range.

You would apply the same scan results for the 10 day cycle that repeats, and rescan on each restart at a minimum.

The notes in the cancer specific biofeedback range are most likely for when you use this scan independent of the cancer protocol. You can rescan every other day if you wish if applying via plasma, but it would not hurt to apply the results for the full 7 day cancer specific cycle.

You could opt to repeat only days 19-25 if you wanted to skip the immunomodulators, making it a 7 day cycle. However, when using plasma, I feel you will find the 3 day break to be of benefit to give the body some time to process. Rife had a better efficacy rate in his clinical trial on those he treated every 3 days vs. those he treated daily.

The All Biofeedback Scan is the 20 frequency result set based on the 76kHz - 152kHz range.

On day 19, you would run for Plasma:

Gen 1: You would first run the results of your scan. Then after the scan result application is done, you would then go up and load the preset from Cancer \ BY \ Plasma 2 \ Gen 1 \ Cancer 1 (P) - BY on the plasma.

Gen 2: You should be running the preset from Cancer \ BY \ Plasma 2 \ Gen2 (R) - BY on a generator setup using a remote.

You don't actually have to combine them prior to running (which you could do with a chain if you so feel it necessary). On some days you will have 3 presets to run.

1. My Scan representing the results of your scan.
2. My Target representing the specific frequency programs that target the known type of cancer being dealt with (this requires some prior research and selection).
3. Daily rotation of specifically named preset found in Cancer \ BY \ Plasma 2 \ Gen 1 as listed in the protocol document.

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