Has anyone done experiments with the orientation of Spooky2 Remote? Or is the purpose of the magnet on the remote to introduce a strong magnetic field that overrides natural magnetic field making the orientation of the Spooky2 Remote irrelevant?

There have been many posts on here on BN or MN "orientation" of the remote, and currently, the white BN remote has become the most recommended. However, by orientation, this means the field that is facing towards, or closest to, the two planar coils. It seems to be the field that exists between the coils which are important; and not the field that is next to the DNA. eg. I can have a white Spooky2 Remote, and place my DNA on the top of the foam (the MN side) and still get a BN type result. I mention this because some other products have their coils/DNA placement in different locations, and I think it was the SG1 that used to say put DNA on the MN side, but inside BN was what was being used by the generating device; so the term orient is not clear.

The function of the magnet may not be entirely understood yet (at least it isn't to me). It will create a magnetic field that will override any other magnet influences in the area so that is part of it. The 1.0 remotes did not have this and there was a concern that magnetic drift was occurring and that caused issues. Some people found that 100% offset gave better results which was basically introducing a small MN bias in the coils. Another part, of the magnet, is to do with scalar waves, Meyl believe there are three components to them and one of them is magnetic, so a BN or MN would have an impact on the power of the magnetic component delivered to us, the host.

For the experiments here on the forum, I found MN was OK and I was curious about this as I (and John) were in the southern hemisphere. However, this doesn't seem relevant as some others near the equator also had no issues with MN. However, the vast majority of people found that BN was easier to tolerate. Let's say after 3-4 days of MN many started to experience a lot of nausea, and they did not experience this with the remote the other way round. One person experimented with an acne outbreak and found that MN was not as effective as the BN side when comparing to what the SG-1 would do where BN is orientated to the coils.

Some other ideas such as sticking a BN remote and an MN remote back to back, so as to create a fixed field in the middle that isn't too MN or BN are also posted on the forum here. This is an interesting setup and does seem to be more powerful than either of the singular remotes and doesn't cause the sickness effect so quickly (but I found it still comes in around 3x the time). The sickness-effect is hard to pin down, because it can also happen for some people if the amplitude is too high; and not that many people like to experiment with the various options. I think it is the body getting tired with listening to the same frequencies coming in. Hence, for people who don't have the time to experiment or are new, BN (white) remote is generally recommended here; along with use daily contact / plasma sessions. There is a ton of experimentation that could be done for those with the time and health.

Also, just so you are aware, originally a finger-nail was just put between the contact-electrodes (and it works) and you can also put a fingernail in front of plasma and it also works. The fingernail DNA has its own millions of sets of planar coils.

As more people use the in-built presets / Terrain and Morgellons we should get a lot more feedback on long running sets too.

For more details, please check the link:

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