A friend's teenage daughter, who is in the autism spectrum. She suffers from enuresis and her bed was wet every day.

Started running Bed Wetting CAFL, Enuresis CAFL and Enuresis XTRA in late December, but improved only 10% after 2 weeks. Changed in mid January to Involuntary Muscles XTRA and Muscle Tonic CAFL and ran for another two weeks improved about to 15%. Changed at the end of January to Solfeggio Frequencies XTRA, Fears CAFL, Fear 1 XTRA, Fear XTRA, Problem Solving 1 XTRA because of some hints it was due to fear. Improved to 50%. Two weeks later removed Solfeggio because of some concerns about the frequencies in the user forum, but kept running all the others for another two weeks and went back to 25%. At the end of February started running Solfeggio only, but didn't improve, so stopped after a week and started Autonomic nervous system diseases KHZ and Muscle Tonic CAFL for about 5 weeks. On April 15th she had been 100% dry for about 3 weeks and stopped. Programs ran 24/7 from December to April, except for some stops due to power outages. Waveform was damped sinusoidal x 11 with an amplitude of 20v.

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