I severely smashed my right ankle 16 years ago now. Past four years it has been getting progressively more painful. These days it's a challenge to walk far. Are there any settings people have had success with serious joint damage and Osteoarthritis?

1. It is unclear if you are continuing to apply the program on a daily basis.

If you are not, and stopped as soon as you felt better, suggest that you start application again.

Usually, one will apply a program via contact once a day for 7 days at a minimum.

In your case you may wish to run the sets for more than a week, or at the minimum switch to remote mode after the initial week of contact until you have achieved a more lasting result.

2. We used all bone regeneration programs we could find and circulation, fractures, ankle and pain. We used the plasma. I made a makeshift set up from a box. Also, continued with remote 24/7.
Here is a pic. 2 hours every evening and remote.

For more details, please check the link:


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