What is the difference between Spooky2 Central and other Rife machine?

Spooky2 Central is the only plasma machine on Earth that's capable of directly transmitting the fundamental frequencies for cancer viruses without needing any carrier. This makes it operationally identical to the machine used by Dr. Rife to produce his cancer successes. All other machines must use fixed carriers to produce sidebands. This system was introduced by Hoyland to hide the frequencies from potential competitors. It was never able to reproduce the initial successes with cancer.

In order to hit the cancer frequencies, conventional machines must use a fixed carrier to generate a sweep. Let's say 100 sidebands are produced. Sounds impressive, especially when the machine is billed as a 400-watt powerhouse.

This is where they trade on user ignorance. Spooky2 users know (because we tell them up-front) that every simultaneous frequency produced takes up a portion of the machine's power.

Over 99% of the power can be wasted on sidebands. Essentially less than 4 watts of power is targeting cancer, making the 400-watt specification less impressive.

Spooky2 Central doesn't use a fixed carrier. It can transmit the needed frequency directly, and this frequency gets ALL the power available - 40 watts. Making it at least 10 times more powerful than any other plasma machine operating Hoyland's generation scheme.

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