I was wondering if the remote just treat the DNA INSIDE of the PCB and the magnetic disc or around the DNA holder in an attenuated form.

I have often in the past placed some DNA, such as piece of tooth, on top of the magnet remote and the effect is the same or similar as if it was between the two pcbs. Determined this because the person was sensitive to a certain remote type and the pain was only taken away when the program was running.

I suspect it has a certain short distance of action around the remote and attenuated but haven't done enough investigation. It is interesting as if dust is allowed to gather around the remote then many things may be getting the information.

We could make a huge leap from here and say that our own body is like a remote, so other cells that may be on our skin may also receive frequencies from our DNA that is doing the generation.... perhaps this might explain a few things, how others may be able to feel programs that we run on ourselves....or even how those who live together can over time start to have same thoughts at the same time. It seems likely to me that scalar waves are also how the body cells communicates amongst themselves - each strand of DNA being its own scalar tower or receiver.

If you go into this some more, you start having thoughts about what amplitude/frequencies are better for DNA communication which is quite fascinating. If we think about killing bugs, its about making the environment unpleasant enough for them to die via some surrounding DNA; rather than destroying the bugs DNA directly.

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