Why does it say it's only 27 percent through this preset and on step 19 of 69 when it is 2 hours and 35 minutes into an estimated 3 hour and 27 minute run time? Shouldn't percentage-wise it be further along than that?

So the % indicator on the channel control box works like this:

Take the frequency that you are on and divide it by the number of frequencies in the program. 19 / 69 = 0.27536... or 27%

The % is not an indication of time passed to time to go. Just the # of completed steps to total steps.

If all the frequencies have the same dwell time, then it can also be used to gauge time to go, but this is not always the case.

Of note, if the program only has one frequency, it will start out at 100%. If there are 2, it will start out at 50%, even if the entire program is still only 1 seconds in.

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