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I have access to an EMEM machine. I was wondering if I might be able to use a Spooky2 Generator by hooking it up to the EMEM and running Spooky2 programs. The cable interface is compatible. Anyone have any thoughts?

1. I also wondered if one could run my EMEM system with the Spooky2 generator. I asked the guy who made my EMEM5D and he didn't know because he didn't know all the specs of the XM generator, but he did remind me that the EMEM5D should not be run more than 20 minutes for fear of overheating. Hence, if one could engineer the EMEM to communicate with the generator, one should limit the running time to 20 minutes.

2. I have an emem device I bought several years ago second hand from a neighbor who had it built from plans he found on the net. It's called "The poor man's rife HV device", I plugged it into the spooky generator and it works fine with frequencies between 10 and 10k Hz. I haven't used it much but plan to in the future. I ran the standard JW healing presets and it lit the tube perfectly. This emem requires a minimum of five volts to ignite the plasma. I haven't experimented with changing the present settings probably will in the future. I ran this setup for about 30 minutes and it didn't overheat.

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