Should we combine our DNA samples, keep them separate but underneath the same remote, or run them on separate remotes entirely?

To what I understand and have experienced is those living sharing the same environment then yes they can go in the same remote unless one had a major issue where cross contamination might be an issue. There is not proof of cross contamination with Spooky2 that I am aware of.

But there was a study of frog eggs and salamander eggs that were in the same device (which I do not recall the device or if it was scalar waves performing the act). The result was frog eggs hatched salamanders. Or visa versa.

So is that indication not mix DNA?

I do know of someone who Rifed with the DNA of their father who had COPD. The person came down with an acute cold. This happened 3x and the person says will not rife with their father again. Did the cold happen from cross contamination? There is no proof. Is there a scientific possibility? Yes. But I could not find the study. But the study results were not with Spooky2.

My conclusion of talking in circles - use caution and be responsible. Check daily with those in the remotes with their symptoms and watch for cross contamination. I personally would put the one with cancer or major health issue in their own remote. Esp when killing.

Then there is healing - could the person with cancer be in the remote if only receiving vitamin, mineral type frequencies and not when disturbing toxins?

I ask these questions myself and all candidates. One absolute - no Rifing pets with humans. But no study I know of that shows cross contamination. My dog's saliva is all over my face anyway... But they still have their own remote.

I posted this on the other thread that is discussing this, and it may clarify as well on this thread.

To summarize my feelings on the above directly before my longer post, if it was already in your body, then I see no reason why you can not combine a urine sample and your DNA sample into one remote.

Now for the longer post:

For the area of concern that Ed is addressing, there is plenty of research to show that under the right circumstances, information can be moved from one life form to another and have it influence said target. Whether this is to restore health to the target or make the target sick. It has been shown to even have the ability to change the very essence of the target.

With that said, I quoted numerous citations on the matter for review in the past, for which Ed is referring to.

Also with that said, we can not state with certainty if the conditions created by the remote provide the type of environment where this transference can happen.

So, from my perspective, I follow a conservative approach.

I do not put my DNA in with anything that could potentially cause an additional issue.

I would treat Mold as a foreign substance, and treat it separately and isolated to a remote. If it is in my body, it will be hit by targeting the mold directly. If it is not in my body, it will do nothing to me.

If I run mold frequencies on my body and it's in my body, then it will hit the mold, but if there is no mold in my body then nothing will resonate.

If I put both samples in there and I end up sharing my energies with the mold, well let's just say again that conservatively, I avoid the potential ramifications by not mixing targets in the remote.

Same goes with pets. I would not mix human and pet DNA in a remote for the pure fact that it is the most conservative approach. I do not wish to be the first one to find out it was a bad idea, theory aside and with or without supportive evidence.

As for mixing humans in a remote, I already stated that from my perspective, I do not share a remote with anyone that I already do not have an energetic entanglement with. Family members, those who live in my household already, those who I spend time with on a daily basis, our energies are already entwined.

Those who are very sick still get isolated to a remote until they are better.

I have experienced said shared symptomatic crosstalk, and thus why I am cautious.

This is from my perspective and while you are all free to choose which path you take, above is a reflection on the path I choose to stay as intrinsically safe as possible.

Link on one post with more references to read if you are so inclined.

For more details, please check the link:

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