Should I run Morgellons/Lyme protocol uding Boosts with Remote BN or MN?

If you are still using the old build the presets yourself method of the protocol, the guide showed when to use the square wave setup (healing) vs. the inverted sawtooth setup (killing).

However, do not be concerned too much if you have done it all using the healing setup (square wave).

The frequency is what does the work. Square waves are just adding odd harmonics to the frequency.

The inverted sawtooth waveform adds both odd and even harmonics and is a bit more abrupt.

You did not loose any time using the healing setup for the entire protocol. You may find on subsequent executions, that if you use the inverted sawtooth waveform in the killing phases, that the additional harmonics provides an even great effect.

For more details, please check the link:

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