The doctors have found an 18cm mass on my wife's liver as well as multiple nodes in her lungs/stomach. And the doctors are a bit baffled by her blood work but one doctor hypothesizes it may be blood cancer.

1. Consider the following:
- Spooky 'blood cleanser cancer';
- Add tumeric and ginger to cooking -

- do coffee enemas 3-4 times a day to detox liver. You can buy a coffee enema kit to help.
- Check out Gerson therapy on youtube.

2. In this case I'd go for intravenous ozone. This is a controversial therapy, but since the cancer is in the liver, you have no time to lose. I know there are places both in the US and Europe that does it.

They will draw blood from your wife, infuse it with ozone and inject it back into the body, preferably into the blood vessel that goes to the liver. This should kill the cancer, but you will need several treatments. Since the liver is able to regenerate itself, your wife should be able to save her liver and avoid transplantation.

If you can, get an ozone generator and a nebulizer. The nebulizer is filled with tea tree oil (or olive oil, but tea tree oil has other properties as well) and makes the ozone possible to inhale without lung irritation or damage. Get your wife on that as much as she can take, the ozone will attack the cysts in her lungs and the ozone will also be transported to the rest of her body through the blood, which will do her very good. If when you have the ozone generator, rectal insufflation after the coffee enemas will be great.

Also make sure there is no mold burden on the liver, which you probably have checked already. The coffee enemas are great, so are the rest of Karl's suggestions.

3. Don't forget retally injected Colloidal Silver as mentioned elsewhere on this forum - It goes straight to the liver!

It (CS) can also be nebulized for the lungs.

4. Target the immune system first ozonated water, ozonated blood, rectal insufflation , ear insufflation , High ph alkaline water ph of 10, green liquid food 13 glass per day .... red light therapy and pemf ..... in the Philippines we use KINGS herbal you can order online 77 kinds of roots and herbs very effective.... lastly Spooky2 to the rescue plus prayers..... hope she gets well.

Ear insufflation using an ordinary ozonator or the one with oxygen tank much better using the doctors tool in checking the heart beat insert the ozone hose sthetoscope and place it in the ear put the fan at the back so you can not inhale the gas.
For red light therapy deep penetration 820 to 920 nm range is better.

5. They are few and very hard to find, but I might suggest finding a adept Homoeopathic practitioner.
Look into Miasms too, if you can't find one.
Homoepathy is IMHO, one of the most complicated, but oh so seemingly simple alternative methods for treatment of "issues."
I've read several manuals so far and the Rabbit Hole is never ending

I may be crucified her for saying so but, Spooky often alone is not going to win the fight you are waging.

Detox is Job #1 always remember that and Job #2 is giving your body the Natural, ingredients to RE-Build your challenges body.
Anything Packaged or processed will add to your/their downfall.

There is a reason we get ill.
For some it is the countless vaccines they decided to take, for others a Shit-for-food diet, or pleasurable crap like sweets, alcohol, recreational drugs.
Beauchamp, summarized in MY words is Feed you body "properly" and you will never be ill.
THAT is almost impossible, unless you live on a farm and grown your own food.
Get away from the Big Farma propaganda train!

6. I personally believe that every person who has cancer should also be addressing mental/emotional contribution to the manifestation of disease. There are two easy and inexpensive ways to do this.
1) Buy the Book "The Emotion Code" by Bradley Nelson. You can search the Forum for more info.

2) A "Free Healing Video" that if watched repeatedly works subliminally to 'correct thinking' and get the Mind to re-program some of the body's functions. I did the video every day for a month, quit a lifetime cigarette addiction and Herxed so I know it works.

Thoughts. belief systems, and trapped emotions can all block healing. So, a mental 'detox' can be just as necessary as a physical detox.

For more details, please check the link:

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