Why do you have to have repeat each set on 4 on remote mode? If I'm using, lets say detox 4 toxins through out body, on repeat each set on 1 instead of 4 and have it on zero on repeat program, as it should, is there any consequences/problem occurrences?

Yes, the older method was to reinforce repeats on each set prior to moving on to the next. The use of repeat each set = 4 was coupled with reducing the dwell time by using a dwell multiplier of .33. So while each frequency was transmitted for 1/3 the time, it was actually on for %25 more time over the course of one program iteration.

It was later determined that for say Detox programs that used a default dwell of 78 seconds, that it was actually better to use a dwell multiplier of 1. 26 seconds seemed to be less efficacious even if repeated 4 times per pass.

Therefore, the method to use repeat 4, dwell multiplier .33, repeat program = 30 for many protocols was changed to to repeat 1, dwell multiplier 1, repeat program = 120

You can continue to use either method if you wish.

Note the terms above use the older terminology.

As for if you only have one frequency set running, then it doesn't matter what repeat frequency or repeat program = until you add more sets.

New terminology to translate the above to current software:

Frequency Set = Frequency Program
Program = Sequence

On more tip for you. As you build remote programs, try to keep the total loop time to 4 hours or less. This way the frequencies repeat at least once every 4 hours. This applies to both setup techniques described above.

Efficacy via remotes is enhanced by ensuring that there is not too much time between repeats.

For more details, please check the link:

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