What am I supposed to do when I want to use KHZ frequencies? Can I bundle them with other PROV, BIO, XTRA frequencies sets or do I have to keep them separate?

The preset that is best utilized here is either the Healing (Contact) - JW or Healing (Remote) - JW preset to start with as they are based on square waves. Alternatively you could also use the killing versions which use the inverted sawtooth waveform.

Once you have this preset loaded, it is just a matter of making the following changes on the Settings Tab:

1. Set the Offset Field to 100 / -100

3rd Parameter down, there's two boxes for Out 1 and Out 2. Set Out 1 to 100 and Out 2 to -100

We use -100 for Out 2 because we are using the inverse+sync, and when inverted, -100 becomes 100.

2. Change the Amplitude above the Offset Field to 9.5

That's it.

As for the first part of your question, yes you could load them with other sets, but you have to pair them well.

Not all sets will be applicable to the above settings. KHZ may not work as well using settings that work better for the other sets.

It is like baking. You sometimes just have to throw together some ingredients and bake it and see how it taste.

With that said, I have mixed KHZ sets with other sets using their setup more often than the other way around.

For more details, please check the link:

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