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How many gens can one safely run at once, is there a possibility for body overload. Just wondering?

The answer to this is that it is highly dependent on each individual.

Yes it is possible to send in too much at once and overload the body. This may be achieved even with just one generator depending on the individual's health and tolerance to frequency application.

However, most are not that sensitive and many run 2 to 4 generators all the time.

I personally have 5 people on 8 generators at once, but each individual built up to this level over time. One of them started out at 8 years of age and was up to 8 gens by age 9.

I personally see 8 as a safe maximum, basing this on many other rife devices that may generate up to 8 frequencies at once. However I'm sure that some may be able to handle more.

When using 8 generators, I limit the amount of killing modalities to no more than 4 generators, with the other 4 doing some form of healing modality. This is where I found our limits as a group.

At any level, it would be prudent to have at least one generator doing detox support at a minimum to support the body.

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