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Frequency sets for cold, headache, herx, insomnia, mental clarity, minerals, vitamins.

This is to give you an idea of what you can do.
Suzi's Custom Presets: All are BN white top remote. Shell: JW-Healing Remote

-Cold: Lung Sinus Bacteria, Mycoplasma General, Osteosinusitis Max, Sinus Bacteria, Sinus Congestion, Decongest, Microplasma Fermentans Incognitus, Streptococcus Pneumoniae

-Gathering - helps with elevating emotions when in a crowd. Keeps a peaceful heart. Frequency sets chosen: Love of life, solfeggio, love and harmony, guilt and shame, love unconditional, spiritual well bring, spiritual wisdom, joy, peace - and you may find others to help as well. There are essential oil frequency sets to help but they require a wave multiplier of x5.

-Headache: Rapid Relief works very fast.

-Herx Help: Lyme Herxheimer Helper 1&2, Detox Toxins Elimination, Lymphs and Detox

-Insomnia: peace and relaxation, muscles to relax, relaxation induce, relaxation/mood/sleep (earlier in the evening). Overnight: insomnia, sleep to induce, sleep sound, sleep induce deeper. Allergy Pollen.

I turn it on early in evening. Right before bed I remove the relax sets leaving sleep. I adjust the time to turn off 1 hour before I intend to wake up. I also include allergy pollen (spring) or ragweed (fall) which has prevented middle of the night sneezing episodes.
Settings: Sine wave

-Mental Clarity: Great for when I need to really focus like studying, tax work, etc.
Search mental and choose which ones your feel may help. Also consider balancing of the body, gamma brain wave and oxygenate cells

-Minerals: 24 mineral Fx sets.

-Morning cup of coffee: inc energy vitality, joy, mineral gold (is energizing), vitality, and for my allergy needs included allergy pollen, sneezing, rhrhinit

-Vitamins, Nail and Skin: Vit A, C, Zinc, Magnesium, Skin Collages Building. There are other vitamin and minerals good specifically for the skin and nails which you can run. This works great!

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    I'm not on facebook, is there another place where you show how to do this??? 

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