What output frequencies should I expect from OUT1 & OUT2? I am running 2016.08.05 software. Gen2 is outputting 364.56 on both outputs. Gen1 is outputting 364560 on OUT1 & 364195.44 on OUT2. Is Gen1 outputting properly?

Yes. When it comes to the SC, the frequency on Out 1 = the frequency that drives the plasma to produce the frequency for the program being executed. This is usually a harmonic of said frequency, because it has to be between 100 kHz and 3.5 MHz. The frequency on Out 2 is a modulation frequency and the effect of this frequency is to generate additional frequencies -- sometimes this modulation frequency is how we generate the original frequency that was below 100 kHz, what you have seen termed a beat frequency.

When we are using a remote or contact, generally we have the Out 2 frequency match Out 1 so that the boost can be utilized to double the amplitude.

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