Do I need DNA of house insectsor in Remote for the spectrum sweep?

You will find the information in the "Preset" > "Environment" and in Name>"5M Household Insects" (there are also other choices). BTW, found this in the User's Guide, Aug. 2016. You may use "Edit">"Find" to search in the Guide.

Whenever remote is used, a specimen/DNA is required to be inserted in its slot. In this case, you may use a small insect wrapped in paper tape. Please note, use white BN remote. Black remote after some time may increase the number of insects, etc. You may need to run this for more than two weeks. Please check if the critters are still around to determine duration.

For more details, please check the link:

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    Claudia Llamas Rankel

    I assume the black remotes nowadays are ok to use for insects? I don't think they sell the white ones anymore??

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