I am trying to get rid of my moles. I am using spooky2's latest software and have tried MOLES, NEVOS and CANCER HPV (moles & tumor) settings on JW remote settings. Does anyone have any suggestions for me please?

Please check this post half way down the page.

My opinion at the moment is that you need a lot more poke from machines to eliminate moles because I have only affected moles with 500mA from a pad machine and magnetic fields felt at 1m from the coil both at 1604 KHz. The 39 plasma tube that eliminated the mole in the picture was running massive pulsed currents that made the electrode glow and It was also on 1604 KHz.
In light of recent events it might be worth trying 1604280.6 Hz and 991500 Hz simultaneously on the two channels of the XM using the combined output but I don't know if it has enough poke to get at the HPV inside the BY inside the cells.

For more details, please check the link:

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