Has anyone put the phanotron tube next to their head in order to treat pathogens that cause neuro-degenerative issues? Is there any safety issue? Or time limit of treatment?

I have placed my face directly in front of the directional output of the Phanotron and could really feel the energy. I have not yet had it there for an entire session as it was quite potent and registered strongly.

Unless you have biological implants to consider, I do not know of any safety issues with such placement.

Matter of fact, still awaiting more data, but I used the Phanotron's directional output from about 1 foot away from someone's foot, aimed up the leg, using the Sciatica (KHZ) and Sciatica 1 (CAFL) frequency sets for one SC session and then followed by 2 days rest. 

On the 3rd day they performed an activity that normally results in pain. To their amazement, there was no pain.

I wish I could compare against same said application with the plasma tube, but atlas it would be hard to replicate the same starting conditions.

Just random food for thought as I comment on this thread.

Anyhow, I'd stick to one SC/Phanotron session every 3 days to start and evaluate progress. Remember to orient the Phanotron's directional output correctly, and if you feel a bit dizzy from the energy output, increase the distance between the head and the plasma.

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