If frequencies can be used for healing the organism, detoxification, organ entrainment and all, would there not also be frequencies that do the opposite?

Even something useful, can be a bad thing; eg. consider one drop of water landing on your fore-head; that really isn't so bad... do it at 5 secs intervals for 15 mins and it may even be relaxing
but do that for a few days and it's becoming real torture.

Zooming in and looking at our body-mind system; you will see numerous sub-life-form populations that are "working together" to sustain the whole organism. Keeping everything in a dynamic balance for 100 years is quite a feat!

So, Rife & frequencies, similar to all other modalities, can be used in many ways - to try to kill off a bad overgrowth; or to entrain/encourage a wanted behavior; or potentially may even put something out of balance.

You have to use intuition, and observe careful, and see if any changes are beneficial and know when its enough. A "little and often: is a good approach here.

The medical system relies a lot on blood results; but this may not be good enough; as the blood may be given the highest priority by the organism at the expense of other systems.

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