What about running the "full terrain protocol" not on remote mode, but on contact mode? Would it be a bad idea?

1. First, the Terrain Protocol would have to be broken into pieces and run a little at a time to keep from overdoing...

If I were going to attempt it via contact, I would load the JW Healing Contact Preset - making sure the Repeat Program was set to 1, then load the frequency set(s) for the first Program and run them on day 1.

The following day I would run the set(s) for Program 2.

And so on...

It is possible that several programs may be tolerable to run on the same day, but it is better to take it slower than to overload the detox system initially...

2.The latest updated version of the software has a contact mode for Terrain. Believe it would be safe to say they have all the conversions in there.

For more details, please check the link:

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