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Can Phanotron tube be run at an extended amount of time (overnight) with no gate applied?

I have run overnight sweeps with no gate on the phanotron a few times. Turns out that the phanotron can lock up my setup much easier than the plasma tube, and disabling the gate allows me to prevent this.

Temperatures were monitored to ensure heat was not going to be a concern, but I also did not have heat issues with how I have the plasma tube setup. I always keep a fan going near my equipment to ensure that nothing overheats as the internal temperatures during the summer where I live can easily hit 85 F / 30 C. However, the use of the gate actually intensifies the output and can be beneficial. I can pick up much greater signal output further away when the gate is enabled.

Since gating is enforced with the Spooky2 Central settings, you may find it difficult to turn the gate off. Also, I do not know the official stance on using the equipment without a gate -- specifically if one finds themselves with an issue because it was not in use.

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