Does anyone know which parasite can cause a VERY itchy and painful nose at night? My daughter is screaming and rolling around in her sleep trying to tear her nose off. We have also recently treated her for Chlamydia, Strongoloides, Ascaris and Herpes.

1. I think she is suffering from die off (hex effect) during the night. You might as well run a detox program also try to use betonite clay (food grade) it does help also for digestive track parasite and detoxing their wastes.

2. The Strongyloides gets in the sinus tubes and in my case I get specks of blood with the snot that is much thicker. I snort TCP that relieves it and stops the bleeding for a day or two but it is painful and makes your eyes water.

It is best to kill them with frequencies but they seem to be very difficult to get at up the nose and in the wind pipe. They are tough.

3. You can use also the twin lasers for emitting frequencies in the nose.

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